Passionate creator, Marine Assoumov paints per series on pictorial topics which inspire her – rugby players, mental landscapes, ruins or dreamlike abstractions- painted in oil, acrylic, inkwash or collage. She deepens colour by her research on matter, playing with textures, typographies and words.

Marine Assoumov

painter and collagist


peinture de paysage interieur, marine asoumov peintre
interior landscapes
tableau abstrait art contemporain du plasticien marine assoumov
all about square
peinture abstraite art moderne du peintre assoumov
grapes of the moon
la ville, tableau figuratif du plasticien marine assoumov
peinture collage lettres anonymes d'art contemporain du peintre marine assoumov
anonymous letters
tableau portrait de femme lavis collage art contemporain du peintre marine assoumov
female scent
peinture sur l'atelier, tableau figuratif de l'artiste marine assoumov
studio fragments
collage sur papier lettres anonymes de l'artiste contemporain marine assoumov
tressage de papiers collés